Angel vs. Demon: Spamicide

Me: “Demon, I need to use my computer. Get off.”

Demon: “You got two others, use one of them.”

Me: “The magic word was MY. Now off with you.”

Demon: “Fine. Fine.”

Me: [sitting down at the computer] “Demon, what were you doing? Why do I have a screen full of explicit, illicit words on my computer?”

Demon: “Emailing.”

Me: “I’m afraid to ask but… Who?”

Demon: “Spammers. All those who spam mail me, I email them back.”

Me: “WHY?

Demon: “I feel like, if they can harass me, I have every right to harass them back.”

Me: “Just ignore them.”

Demon: “Nah, this is too much fun. I can do yours, too, if you’d like since you’ve been receiving more junk mail than normal.”

Me: “No, I’m good. My junk mail filter is working fi- Why do I see Angel’s email address under your junk mail folder?”

Demon: “I haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about.”

Angel: “Demon! Stop sending me this vulgar trash!

Demon: “Oh. Well. Look at the time. See ya!”


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