Angel vs. Demon: Creating Life

Me: “Writing a book is almost a divine act.”

Angel: “Pardon me? You’re not insinuating…?”

Demon: “Haha! It’s about time you take your rightful throne.”

Me: “To clarify, I am the god of the many worlds I’ve created. Be it in my mind or on paper, I rule the character’s destiny. And I can be quite tyrannical.”

Demon: “Muwaha.

Angel: “Cut that out!”

Me: “If a character wants to be born, it must first have a soul: the concept, the idea. Then it must grow a skeleton: the outline/character development. And if I am happy it lives to form muscles and all the necessary internal systems needed to survive and take its first breath:  rough draft to final manuscript.

Angel: “Okay, I see where you’re going with this.”

Me: “Should a character perform to my satisfaction it will be used for a divine purpose.”

Demon: “However, if a character should disappoint your grand expectations… THE MIGHTY WRATH OF R.B. HOLBROOK WILL RAIN DOWN AND END THEE. THE END. MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Me: “Exactly.”

Angel: “Don’t encourage him!”



        1. They would never discuss it, because Demon used to be an angel and knows the truth. Getting into a discussion with Angel about something she knows he knows would be too much like giving her the edge. And he hates losing. However, he’s more likely to twist the truth of creation in a discussion with someone less knowledgeable, more gullible.

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