Angel vs. Demon: No Politics

Demon: “You know what next Tuesday is, don’t you?”

Me: “Your birthday?”

Demon: “No. Think Politics.”

Angel: “Trash Day?”

Me: “Oooo, I like that.”

Angel: “Thank you.”

Demon: “And I thought you took these things seriously, RB.”

Me: “I do. But I don’t like talking politics.”

Demon: “What?! Why not?”

Me: “I respect the fact everyone has their own views and ideals. I might not agree with someone, but I respect their ideals just as I want them to respect my own beliefs and ideals. However, not everyone will see things the way I see them and will seek to argue or change my point of view. Plus, even though I take voting seriously, I dislike politics in general.”

Demon: “Why? It’s intriguing.”

Angel: “Politics can be messy, cruel, selfish, and dishonest. Often times, politicians forget about the good of the people and focus on the good of a few or just themselves.”

Demon: “Great isn’t it?!? Crooked double-talking politicians. Corroding weak governmental systems. Greedy corporations lurking in the shadows. Raging citizens ready to revolt. Greed, ambition, anger, and chaos makes a me happy. THIS IS TRUE LOVE! So who are you voting for… Hey, wait! Are you leaving? Don’t walk away from me! RB!”

Angel: “I just hope RB votes for the lesser of the two evils…”



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