Angel vs. Demon: Horror

Demon: “Ahhhh, its my favorite time of year. All Hallow’s Eve.”

Angel: “Of course, Halloween.”

Demon: “Howling at the moon. Watching the ghouls and goblins play. And scaring the hell out of kiddies panhandling for candy. LOVE IT!”

Angel: “Oh My!”

Demon: “RB why don’t you ever write horror?”

Me: “It’s not my genre.”

Demon: “But you read vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural stuff.”

Me: “Yes, but I have no inclination to write it.”

Angel: “Maybe you should tell him the truth.”

Demon: “What? Scared of horror? Scared of the dark?”

Me: “I… Actually did try to write horror. A short story. Years ago.”

Demon: “And?”

Me: [goes to the bookshelf and pulls out an old high school notebook] “Read for yourself.”

Angel: “Are you sure you want him to read it?”

Me: “He can’t possibly say anything worse than I’ve thought.”

Demon: “Daaaaamn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s scary alright. Scary anyone would write this and pass it off as horror. It’s so cheesy it’s laughable! Like a campy B-rated horror flix.”

Me: “Maybe I was wrong.”

Demon: “Wait….” the Demon wipes tears from his eyes “But you were in high school. Try again now. As you are. Maybe you can again.”

Angel: “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Me: “Maybe one day, but right now, I have far more on my plate than I can handle.”

Demon: “Good. Cause I can definitely help you write those.”



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