Angel vs. Demon: Love Scene Part 1

Demon: “Oh…Angel, how I have missed you. Please never leave me again.”

Angel: “No, never! I’ll never leave you again. I can’t bear it!”

Demon: “Does that mean…?”

Angel: “Yes, oh, yes! How I love-”

Me: “Okay, I can’t take much more of this. You two are really bad actors.”

Demon: “Told ya I don’t do love scenes.”

Angel: “I thought it was pretty good considering.”

Me: “Angel, you were TOO into it. And Demon looked like he was about to choke.”

Demon: “No, there was no about to, that was actually me choking. As for Angel, she likes anything with the word love in it.”

Angel: “It is a powerful emotion. Anyone who experiences love-”

Demon: “Shut up. Listen, RB, I don’t get the point of this. Just turn on the television and find a romantic movie if you want to create a believable love scene.”

Me: “Those aren’t believable. Romance isn’t that mushy and showy.”

Demon: “Romance is a pretense. It’s an act to get what you want in the end. It doesn’t matter if its believable. Nine times out of ten, people like the idea of romance, not the real thing. And in real life, who actually has time to sweep someone off their feet or present them with flowery words?”

Angel: “People who truly love one another! You don’t understand the power of love-”

Demon: “Shut up. Regardless, just write something down as you would see it in a novel or a movie. You don’t really need to see the real thing, it’s messy, confusing, and usually leads to divorce. Plus, people don’t want believable, they want fiction, that’s why they pick up books in the FICTION section or turn to reality television.”

Angel: “Wait. Reality television isn’t real?”

Demon: “My naive little angel, tsk tsk. Anyway, just put something on paper and move on to the violence.”

Angel: “Love demands more than just a short-”

Demon: “Shut-”

Angel: “Tell me to shut up one more time and I’ll kiss you right on the lips.”

Demon: *gasp*

Me: “Hehe, now THAT I can use.”



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