Angel vs. Demon: Love Scene Part 2

Angel: “You didn’t have this hard a time writing a love scene for Oracle’s Legacy.”

Me: “It was a different couple. With different circumstances. Those were adults who were almost pretty secure in who they were. These are teenagers still finding their place in the world. Big difference.”

Demon: “Just give them both a knife and let them duel it out. That will get rid of the teen angst.”

Me: “Don’t tempt me.”

Angel: “No!”

Me: “It was just a joke, calm down.”

Demon: “I wasn’t joking. Anyway, have you found your believable ideal yet.”

Me: “Well… maybe… This isn’t a romance novel so I wanted a slow steady building romance… Budding romance. And this is the initial discovery scene. This is what I have so far.” Shows them the screen.

Angel: “Good, but how about if you do this.”

Me: “Okay.”

Angel: “And maybe add a little nervousness. They are young, easily confused, and inexperienced.”

Me: “I see.”

Demon: “Throw some sex in there. Sex sells.”

Angel: “Oh! NO!”

Me: “Not that kind of book. Sorry.”

Demon: “Hell, well let me know when you get to that kind of book. Otherwise, I’ll be in the corner pulling out my horns in despair. Just ignore the screaming.”


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