Angel vs. Demon: Righteous Punishment

Angel: “Trying to find the best way to punish a criminal?”

Me: “Yeah. Problem is there’s so many possibilities to chose from.”

Angel: “What are his crimes?”

Demon: “Does it matter? Punishment is in order! I’m great at issuing punishment! Come on ask me, ask me!

Me: “Why bother? Just volunteer it like you usually-”

Demon: “You could push him off the edge of a cliff!”

Me: “No.”

Angel: “What about sending him to jail?”

Demon: “Hell no, that’s too anti-climatic.”

Me: “Wait… that…”

Demon: “No! You can’t be considering that? Too boring!”

Angel: “I think it’s a noble idea for a criminal.”

Demon: “Noble? Such bullsh-”

Me: “Think about it, Demon, if I send him to jail, that allows him to go and do more damage later if I want.”

Demon: “More damage? Send him to jail!”


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