Angel vs. Demon: Roughest Draft

Demon: “Why the hell are you ignoring me? I won’t have it!”

Me: “I have work to do, I can’t spend all my time with you and Angel.”

Demon: “But we’re you’re muses. You need us! You need ME!”

Me: “Shut it. I promised myself I’d finish two books before the end of the year…buuuut that’s not going to happen. I at least want to finish this one. I just need to spend more time concentrating on this book. That means ignoring you for a while.”

Angel: “Why are you stressing? You’ve been done for some time now.”

Me: “Not really. Yes, I’m finished with the first draft, but it is incredible…extremely rough. There is still a lot of work to do. I have the second draft, the rewrites, and proofreading. The-”

Demon: “More work?! Just send it to an editor as is and be done with it. Now pay me some attention!

Me: “But it’s just the rough draft… that’s sending an outline to be published to the world. No way!”

Angel: “I get it, the story has to be polished. If you send a story with just a first draft it’s like giving someone a cake that hasn’t been cooked yet.”

Demon: “Oooo, I like cake batter!”

Me: “The story isn’t ready until all the loose ends are tied or at least until it makes a complete picture of satisfaction to the reader.”

Demon: “I like this analogy better: It’s like picking a scab before it completely heals.”

Angel: “Eeeeewwww, yuck!

Me: “I think he gets the point.”

Angel: “Well take the time you need. We’ll be here should you need advice.”

Demon: “Don’t take too long, my input’s too important to put on hold dammit!

Me: “…thanks for your support…”

Demon: “Anytime.”



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