Angel vs. Demon: Merry Christmas!

Angel: “Merry Christmas, RB!”

Me: “Merry Christmas, Angel!”

Angel: “Merry Christmas, Demon!”

Demon: “Oh stuff it! Bah humbug!”

Angel: “You can’t ruin my spirits. It is a glorious day! I even brought you two presents. For you RB, a blessing of health and God’s favor.”

Me: “Thank you!”

Angel: “And for you Demon-”

Demon: “If you bless me with anything, I’ll cram it so far down your yap, you’ll fart prayers ’til kingdom come.”

Angel: “Coal. Just for you. I think it goes well with your pit of eternal flame.”

Demon’s jaw drops.

Me: “Whoa! I think she just rubbed something in… but I can’t put my finger on it…”




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