Angel vs. Demon: Countdown

Angel: “Well, the world hasn’t ended yet.” *giggle*

Demon: *snicker* “Human’s are so gullible, they believe anything.”

Angel: “Sad, but… Where’s RB?”

Demon: “Writing. Being boring. Writing some more.”

Angel: “But what about the New Years Countdown?”

Demon: “I was told that we’re on our own. Dammit, I’m almost out of beer!”

Angel: “Nasty stuff. You don’t need it.”

Demon: “No, what I don’t need is to be here bored along with you wimps. I’m going to party with the rest of the sinners. Later!”

Angel: “Hmmm… No RB. No Demon. Ooo, I don’t have to share the ice cream, the popcorn, or the remote? And I can stretch out on the couch?! Whoa… BEST NEW YEAR’S EVE EVER!”



      1. It’s more quantum than that. At one instant in time it’s one, but in the same instant it’s the other. Highly confusing, I must admit, so I look to your writings to clear things up for me.

      1. …Oh…riiiiiiiiight… I forgot about that. I didn’t think about that part… Okay, I was going to start circulating some new apocalypse predictions this year… Guess I have to rethink my business plan…

  1. I just love the fact that Angel is quick to enthusiastically indulge in at least two of the seven deadly sins simply because it is the night of the new year and then considers it the “BEST NEW YEAR’S EVE EVER!”

    Excellent post, as always.


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