Angel vs. Demon: 2013

Angel: “Happy New Year, RB!”

Me: *groan*

Demon: “Somebody didn’t make their goal…I wonder who?”

Me: *groan*

Angel: “At least you haven’t given up. Keep working on it.”

Demon: “Yeah, maybe by 2014 you’ll actually be done with this manuscript.”

Me: “I’ll be done before the winter’s out. It’s just… this book is so different from my last books. I want it to be right.”

Angel: “I understand. But I believe 2013 will be your year.”

Demon: “I believe you’re a loser.”

Me: “Happy New Year to you, too, Angel. Demon, go jump off a skyscraper.”

Demon: “You know I can’t die right?”

Angel: “Oh…you can…you certainly can.”

Demon falls silent.

Me: “You shut him up? Hoho, I like 2013 already.”


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