Angel vs. Demon: Under New Management 1

Angel: “RB? You busy?”

Me: “What’s up?”

Angel: “I wanted to talk about your failed goal and your lack of blogging.”

Me: *groan*

Demon: “Yep. You suck.”

Angel: “Please stop rubbing it in, Demon. It doesn’t help.”

Demon: “Duh, I’m not here to help.”

Me: “Okay, Angel, what is it? How can you help me?”

Angel: “Let us take over your blog, that will free one of your obligations.”

Me: “That’s a thought… I might actually like it.”

Demon: “Hell, yeah! We’ll rename it Demon’s Party Session!!”

Me: “But you’ll have to keep Demon in check.”

Angel: *grinning* “Oh. I think I can do that.”

Demon: *shivers* “Is that fear I feel?”



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