Angel vs. Demon: Under New Management 2

Angel: “So, who should post first, Demon?”

Demon: “Me of course!”

Me: “Why can’t you two share?”

Demon: “Huh? Do you not know us well enough to know that WE DON’T WORK WELL TOGETHER!”

Angel: “True, our natures are too different.”

Me: “Then what kind of stuff do you two plan to post…”

Angel: “I was thinking something inspiring and enlightening…”

Demon: “She wants to bore the hell out of your readers… I’m good with the hell part, but the boredom isn’t worth it. I say we do some interviews with some of the most violent and depraved beings of all time like Attila, Caligula, Hitler and-”

Me: “NO WAY! Wait… they‘re all dead.”

Angel: “But considering where they’re residing now, I’m sure Demon can get an exclusive.”

Demon: “Damn straight.”

Me: *groan* “I see I’ll have to act as chief editor and approve all your posts in the future.”

Demon: “Sooooois that a no? Because I can get Idi Amin? Good fun!”

Me: “Denied.”



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