Angel vs. Demon: Under New Management 3

Me: “Before you two take over my blog, there will be some ground rules.”


Me: “Especially for you, Demon.”

Demon: “Kiss my a-”

Angel: “It is always good to have guidelines. So what are these rules.”

Me: “Pretty simple. This is a blog about creativity, imagination, writing, science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy so you can do anything along those lines. No over the top language and NO SEX!”

Demon: “DAMN!”

Me: “And Angel, no mushy romance or preachy religion.”

Angel: *sigh* “Very well.”

Me: “And you two must keep it civil. I don’t want every post to be you two arguing.”

Demon: “This is already unbearable. Can I at least have violence?”

Angel: “No.”

Me: “Sure, go for it!”

Demon: “Hell yeah! You no longer suck… so bad.”


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