Angel vs. Demon: Writing of Their Own

Angel: “Watching you write has made me curious.”

Me: “About what?”

Demon: “She wonders if she can write a story of her own.”

Angel: “And how would you know that? Are you a mind reader? Or… you‘ve thought of writing one, too!”

Demon: “…maybe.”

Me: “That’s… an idea… So you two want to write a story? That’s it! Why not do a co-op? Write one together. Post the progress and results right here on the blog. That’s how you can take over my blog. I can give you pointers when I have free time.”

Angel: “REALLY?! This will be grand!”

Demon: “I have to write a story with her? HER? Damn. This is going to be hell. She’ll want to write about fluffy bunnies and mushy bullshit. I want none of it.”

Angel: “We can find a balance…”

Demon: “Unless I get to strangle said fluffy bunny, I don’t want to write with you.”

Me: “Angel is willing to compromise. Try it.”

Demon: “Fine.”

Angel: “Oh goody!”

Demon: “For every Hail Mary I get to throw grenades. For every kissy scene, I’m interrupting with the F-bomb.”

Angel: “This is your compromise?”

Me:  “Hehe, I can’t wait to see how this works.”



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