Angel vs. Demon: And the plot thickens… [Conflict]

Demon: “Dammit, since you don’t like my idea, what’s your bright idea?”

Angel: “Weeeell…”

Demon: “Nope. Hell, no. I can already tell I don’t like it.”

Angel: “But I haven’t even said anything!”

Demon: “It was the way you were holding your mouth.”

Angel: “Ugh! Just listen!”

Demon: “Fine.”

Angel: “It’s about a little girl who can see faeries and the king of faeries invites her to their kingdom for a tea-”

Demon busts out laughing.

Angel: “What? What’s so funny?”

Demon: “Hahahahaha!!! You’re shitting me right? Freakin‘ faeries?! Hahaha!”

Angel: “I’m serious! Listen, I’m not done!”

Demon: “Hehe! Woooo! Soooo, I have to ask: Is that little girl an axe murderer?”

Angel: “No! Of course not!”

Demon: “Then, Angel, I’m afraid you’re done. So done!”



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