Angel vs. Demon: Plotting Their Demise [Climax]

Demon: “Tea parties and faeries? No way!”

Angel: “You didn’t even let me finish!”

Demon: “Who would? My story idea was ten times better.”

Angel: “No it wasn’t! All you had was killing. There was no point. No plot!”

Demon: “Who needs a plot? It gets in the way of all the violence, sex, and drugs I have planned.”

Angel: “That’s ridiculous! It’s not a story without a plot.”

Demon: “Plots are overrated.”

Angel: “Overrated! But even you hate a crappy story plot.”

Demon: “Not if it’s my story. All my ideas are badass.”

Angel: “I can’t…” She throws up her hands and walks to the door.

Demon: “Where are you going? I’m not done talking. Listen to me, dammit!” The door slams in his face. “She didn’t just… OOH HEEEELL NO!!”


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