Angel vs. Demon: With age comes maturity? [Falling Action]

Angel: “Who do you think you’re throwing flames at!?”

Demon: “You, asshole! You’ve got nerve shutting the door in my face.”

Angel: “I was just closing the door and your face just happen to be there.”

Demon: “Bullsh-”

RB: “AAAUUUGGHHH!! I can’t write with all that noise! Would you two shut up!”

Demon: “She started it.”

Angel: “Real mature. It’s rude to point. RB, could you please tell this imbecile-”

Demon: “Name calling? Who’s the mature one?”

RB: “Who cares! Just tell me what’s going on so I can get back to writing.”

Angel: “RB, can you tell him that violence alone doesn’t make a good story.”

Demon: “While you’re at it tell Princess that faery kings and tea time are for three-year-olds.”

Angel: “There are a lot of adult stories that include faeries!”

Demon: “But yours wasn’t one. I can’t believe you crushed my 5-star story idea for your 1-star reject.”

Angel: “My idea actually had a plot unlike yours that was nothing but pointless violence.”

Demon: “Not pointless violence. Good violence.”

Angel: “Violence plus no plot equals pointless.”

Demon: “What was that? Algebra?”

RB: “I’m not believing this…immortals sounding like kindergarteners. You two can’t even agree on a simple story idea? Here. Pen and paper. Each of you write down your ideas and I’ll be the judge.”


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