Angel vs. Dream: Faery Tea or Wandering Gunslinger? [Resolution]

Demon: “Well?”

Angel: “Give RB time to read them both.”

Demon: “My idea’s better, right?”

Angel: “Shush.”

RB: “Done.”

Angel & Demon: “Who won?!”

RB: While writing says, “Neither. You both suck. Demon, though your main character sounds interesting, Angel was right, you have no plot.”

Angel: “Told you.”

RB: “Angel, while you do have a plot it’s so juvenile and predictable it doesn’t interest me.”

Demon: “Damn.You got told.”

RB: “So this time I’m going to help you get started. You two split the story in half: Demon you write from the point of view of the villain.”

Demon: “Hell yeah!”

RB: “Angel, you write from the point of view of the good guy.”

Angel: “Very well. But what will the main story be?”

RB: “A race against time to get the magic healing tea of Mysteria.”

Demon: “Are you kidding me!? Awww hell.”

Angel: “I like it.”

RB: “Your character,” hands Angel her paper back, “is a recovering alcoholic newly reformed ex-assassin.”

Angel: “What!?”

RB: “Demon,” hands him his paper back, “your character is a tyrannical faery king.”

Demon: “Freakin’ faery….Oooo tyrannical.”

RB: “The whys and the hows are up to you two to work out. Now let me write in peace. Don’t disturb me until its finished.”



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