Angel’s Assassin 1

Angel: *sigh*….mumbling “An ex-assassin who’s a recovering alcoholic”….*sigh*

Demon: “Cut it out. You’ve been sighing all day!”

Angel: “But you don’t understand…”

Demon: “Don’t understand. Don’t wanna know. Don’t care. Bother someone else with your bullshit.”

Angel: *SIGH*

Demon: “I don’t care!”

Angel: *SIGH*

Demon: “Ugh! I’m leaving!” getting up to leave.

Angel: “It’s about an assassin.”

Demon: sits back down “I’m listening.”

Angel: “More precisely my ex-assassin…the one RB assigned me to write for our story. I don’t condone violence so I’m not sure how to portray someone who has killed before.”

Demon: “Mmmhmm…” rolling his eyes.

Angel: “Don’t give me that look. How am I to write the mind of a killer even an ex-killer? How am I supposed to make this person believable?”

Demon: “You’re full of shit, Angel. I know about you and your past better than anyone. Don’t forget how we first met. You can fool RB with the holier than though attitude but I’ve seen you cut down demons. I’ve seen you hunt down a whole legion like a predator and slay them with that sword you pretend doesn’t exist without so much as batting an eye, flinching, or shedding a tear.”

Angel: “How can you possibly compare the two? Demons aren’t mortal, they always come back. And that was a job that was appointed to me to serve a higher purpose.”

Demon: “You tried to kill me.”

Angel: “Performing my duties. And you wouldn’t die…completely.”

Demon: “But your eyes were empty and void. Like that of a killer.”

Angel: “Work mode.”

Demon: “You don’t even feel sorry a little bit.”

Angel: “Why should I? My choice was to follow orders obediently. I don’t regret that. What I do regret is not finishing that last job.”

Demon: “Wait… I WAS YOUR LAST JOB!!

Angel: “I know.”



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