Angel’s Assassin 2

Demon: “You were an assassin! You just admitted you wanted to kill me, damn you!”

Angel: “Calm down, Demon. I wasn’t an assassin. I wasn’t even an angel of death.”

Demon: “You were a killer. What difference does it make what you call it?”

Angel: “Demons don’t die. My sword didn’t cut flesh. It only halved demon power, weakening them. No death involved.”

Demon: “Ah Ha! So you ARE an assassin! A power assassin!”

Angel: “Well…I suppose if you look at it that way… I guess I can use my experience to write this character.”

Demon: “Hell, I can’t believe you want to destroy my power. It’s a part of me you know.”

Angel: “Bygones. Stop whining. It’s in the past.”

Demon: “Easy for you to say. Killer.”

Angel: *sigh* “So how do I handle the recovering alcoholic part. I have no addictions.”

Demon: “Really? You seem to be addicted to doing the right thing. So obedient. Damned disgusting.”

Angel: “You drink. What’s it like?”

Demon: “Delicious!”

Angel: “Is that how you get addicted? Because of the taste?”

Demon: “It’s not that simple. I can’t get addicted. But I know how to entice mortals into addiction. Shall I enlighten you?”

Angel: “I don’t like that smile.”

Demon: “Hehe, start writing, killer.”


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