Angel’s Assassin 3 [Final]

Angel: Grabbing a pen and paper “Ok, I’m ready. Tell me how mortals become addicted to alcohol so I can make my character believable.”

Demon: “It’s not just alcohol, but really anything can be an addiction with the right conditions. First, that mortal needs a vacancy. An emotional void within themselves that needs to be filled. Emotional pain works wonders.”

Angel: Says while writing, “Emotional pain…? Like the loss of a loved one or the lack of self-confidence?”

Demon: “Yep, that’s where I come in and use the art of seduction to make something like a bottle of Vodka look like the perfect filler for that vacancy.”

Angel: “Seduction?”

Demon: “Oooh yeah. At first, I say it will numb the pain or take your mind off your troubles, blah blah blah. Then the second time I may mention it’s because you need to relax or feel good or whatever sounds sexy.”

Angel: “Ha!

Demon: “Dammit, I can do sexy!”


Demon: “Shit. I quit.”

Angel: “No, *heehee* no. Forgive me… Continue.”

Demon: “Hmph, I can do sexy…”

Angel: “Don’t sulk, Demon…it’s not very…” *smirk*

Demon: “It’s not what?”

Angel: “Let’s continue.”

Demon: “…sometimes mortals don’t need my subtle suggestion, they have other influences. Either way, the excuses continue until the alcohol or whatever becomes habit, a psychological crutch, an escape from reality or responsibility, and a means to a mortal’s inevitable downfall. Beautiful really. Poetic even.”

Angel: “That’s monstrous. I can’t believe you delight in it!”

Demon: “Hell, you came to me and now you’re being a damn-”

Angel: “You’re right, you’re right. Forgive me. So my character was filling an emotional void…but now he’s trying to sober up and remain sober.”

Demon: “That sucks. What’s the point? There’s no fun in it.”

Angel: “Yes… I see my character now. It would have to be something powerful to make this ex-assassin turn his or her life around. Something powerful like love!

Demon: “Aww hell, I feel sorry for your character.”


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