Demon’s Dilemma 1

Demon: “ARGH!”

Angel: Jumping in surprise “What!?! What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

Demon: “I don’t see how people write a story. Writing something good is harder than I thought.”

Angel: “Oh? So you have more respect for RB now?”

Demon: “Hell no…but I might understand…a little.”

Angel: “Riiiight. Let me see what you’ve got, maybe I can help.”

Demon: “No. You’ll laugh.”

Angel: “Come on. I want to help. My success also depends on you. RB wanted us to write this together. So…?”

Demon: “Fine.” Hands over his paper.

Angel: Reading, “Once upon a time…” She looks up at Demon, then back down at the paper, “It was a dark and stormy night………………….”

Demon: “Well?”

Angel: “Bwahahahahahahaha!!

Demon: “You said you wouldn’t laugh!”

Angel: “Hahaha, No, hahaha, no, I never, haha, never promised such a thing. HAHAHAHA!!

Demon: “Dammit! Let me see what you wrote since you think you’re soooo great.” Snatches Angel’s paper and begins to read. “The tears were there,  edged at the cliff of her lashes as he killed the target with his bare hands. She didn’t say a word while the target’s pulse faded against his fingertips. Not a single word or whimper escaped her lips when she backed away, out the room, leaving silence and sorrow in his soul. That was the last time he saw her… the last time he ever took a life.” Demon looks up from the paper. “How…the hell…?”

Angel: “I pay attention while RB writes. And I read books. Shall I help you?”

Demon: “…shit.”

Angel: “I’ll take that as a yes.”


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