Demon’s Dilemma 2

Angel: “Demon, before I help you write, do you remember what RB always says.”

Demon: “Something about imagination…creativity…”

Angel: “You have to have imagination, Demon. It fuels the creative process. And this,” Holding up Demon’s paper. “Is not creative. So let’s start at the beginning. Once upon a time isn’t going to work.”

Demon: “You’re getting your rocks off rubbing in my failure aren’t you?”

Angel: “Why of course not?! But I am enjoying it.”

Demon: “Same damn difference. Shit stop grinning and just tell me what to do.”

Angel: “Well, first, the beginning has to grab the reader. In this case, we have to please RB, who is our main audience. And RB likes immediate action and suspense, an opening line that grabs immediately. If you give too much description, too much fluff, you’ve lost the main audience.”

Demon: “I can do immediate action. And since my main character is a king and a tyrant, I can definitely start with killing! Off with their heads! MUWAHAHAHAHA!”

Angel: “Another thing, don’t fill your story with cliches. That smacks of mundane with no creativity.”

Demon: “So… no off with their head?”

Angel: “No. No, off with their head.”


Angel: “Oh, dear,” *sigh*


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