Demon’s Dilemma 3 [Final]

Angel: “So why is the king killing everyone?”

Demon: “Why? Does there need to be a reason? He’s the king, he can do what he damn well pleases.”

Angel: “I…suppose. But when you write your story, you should always have a reason for each sentence and each paragraph. Just like you told me to get into my character, you have to get into your story. Readers want to understand and sympathize with the characters. You have to be there in that world and know what you are writing to do that.”

Demon: “Be in the world…?”

Angel: “Yes. Know your characters, your setting, your scenes, and describe in a way that makes you the authority of this story.”

Demon: “Yes…the authority. YES! I see what you mean. I understand what RB has been saying all the time. I am this world’s god.”

Angel: “Wait. No-”

Demon: “He may be king, but I am his god and he does what I will. Sacrificing blood in my honor. To the great Demonis. WUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Angel: “Um. What? I think you might-”

Demon: “Yes, that’s the king’s motivation. He wants to please his god. He wants everyone to know the sheer power of my indomitable will. And by pleasing me, I bestow great power and honor on him… I think giving him all the virgin faeries is a suitable gift.”

Angel: “I protest! Absolutely not!”

Demon: “Aaaahhhh, religious zealots really are the best.”

Angel: “This is outrageous!”

Demon: “That’s it! I’ve found my motivation. This faery kingdom will bow to me or feel my wrath. And the instrument for my doctrine will be king… kingking…?”

Angel: “You came up with a name for yourself in this story before you came up with a name for your main character?!?”

Demon: “Maybe.”

Angel: “Ugh!



  1. LMAO. Nice. Demonis. I think you’ve given me an idea of how to approach the…zealotry…of one the nations in my work. This should be fun. Nice stuff, R. B.!

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