Out of touch….

Angel: “RB-”

Demon: “Where the hell have you been?”

Rb: “Well you see-”

Demon: “We’ve been working our asses off on this story and you’re nowhere to be found?!? FIVE DAYS!! You disappear for five days and don’t tell anyone. No phone! No text message! What the fu-”

Rb: “I would have told you but where I was had no internet or domestic calling and-”

Angel: “No domestic calling?”

Demon: “Dammit, you went on a trip without me! You left me in this country with her!!”

Rb: “I never said I left the country.”

Angel: “You did. Indirectly. Did you at least have fun?”

Rb: “A blast! Sorry I didn’t take you with me, Angel. But if I took you then I would have to take…”

Angel: “I understand.”

Demon: “Damn you both!


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