The Devil’s In The Details 1

Angel: “So we need to agree on a few of the story details so that both of our parts have some consistency.”

Demon: “Let’s agree to whatever I decree.”

Angel: “NO. First detail: is what kind of world is Mysteria?”

Demon: “Hell, you made a list?!

Angel: “I did. Now pay attention. Mysteria is a fantasy world with-”

Demon: “Bone crunching ogres and trolls that will rob you blind. Oh and don’t forget the religious freak faeries.”

Angel: “I was thinking topography.”

Demon: “Boring shit. Perfect for you! You work on the flowers and rainbows. I’ll influence the populace.”

Angel: “No way or everyone will be killing each other, eating each other, or raping each other.”

Demon: “Your point?”


Demon: “Fine, fine. Damn, don’t get your panties in a vise.”


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