The Devil’s in the Details 2

Demon: “So we got the scenery for the regions and the different sapient races…You know we may not need all this shit since this is just a short story.”

Angel: “Maybe, but at least we have the foundation for our world. The mountainous region with thickets of trees, snow caps, jolly elves, and thieving trolls is where my character resides.”

Demon: “I can’t believe you named it Jolli Frosti Peaks. That’s just bullshit.”

Angel: *sigh* “I need something happy and positive. The premiss of the whole story is dark and gloomy. I mean your kingdom is ruled by a vicious tyrant who enslaved his poor faeries and is making them build a giant monument to… I can’t even say it.”

Demon: “I’ll say it! They’re making a shrine to me! MUWAHAHA-”

Angel: “Sickening and wicked. And you have no green shrubs, no flowers, not even a blade of grass. The only bright spot is the river I suggested otherwise your poor faeries would thirst to death… I’ve never heard of faeries living in a wasteland. It’s absurd.”

Demon: “Delicious. That’s what it is. Beautifully delicious with a side of yummy.”

Angel: “……..”

Demon: “What?”


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