The Devil’s in the Detail 3

Demon: “Okay… In this story we’re writing, I get that we’re supposed to find the healing tea of Mysteria but what exactly does it do?”

Angel: “Heals.”

Demon: “Yeah, smartass, I got that much. But what does it heal? What ailment? It can’t just heal everything.”

Angel: “Why not?”

Demon: “It’s too broad. Too general. Too many people would be after it.”

Angel: “Good, then we’ll have plenty of conflict to choose from. But the better question is who makes it? And why is there a race to get to it if its made?”

Demon: “…yeah … Couldn’t the maker just make more for everyone?”

Angel: “Exactly! There has to be a reason for this race. Like the tea takes several years to brew.”

Demon: “Damn that’s some strong tea. Like Vodka! Pour me some!”

Angel: “Or the ingredients to make the tea are extremely rare.”

Demon: “Ooo, what about if the only person who makes it is about to die with no heir and refuses to pass on the secret!”

Angel: “Morbid…but it could work…”

Demon: “Hells yeah, ’cause I thought of it.”



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