The Devil’s in the Details 4 [End]

Angel: “We have the setting of the story, characters, and most of the important details. One thing’s missing.”

Demon: “Hell! There’s more?! I can’t take all this crap! Why do stories need all this shit?!?!” He screams.

Angel: Taking her hands off her ears, “……are you finished now?”

Demon: “I think so. Continue.”

Angel: “The last important detail is the tea maker.”

Demon: “Hell who cares…besides you.”

Angel: “This is a crucial detail. Our whole story centers around the tea, why not have the maker?”

Demon: “Why? Because I DON’T CARE.”

Angel: “Really?”

Demon: “Don’t. Care.”

Angel: “Very well, I’ll make her a wise benevolent woman who loves just deeds and–”

Demon: “Hold the damn phone. That plays right into your hands! You sneaky bitch. Your character would win the race!”

Angel: “But you said you didn’t–”

Demon: “Too damn bad for you I changed my mind. Move over, we’re compromising on this character.”

Angel: “So sensible of you.”

Demon: “Shut the hell up and start writing.”


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