Steer Clear of Procrasti Nation

Rb: “While Angel and Demon are writing their story and adding finishing touches I want to issue a public service announcement: BEWARE OF PROCRASTINATION!”

PN: “Dude, its twooooo words, first name Procrasti, last name Nation.”

Rb: “Who names their child Procrasti? Especially with a last name like Nation.”

PN: “Seriously, dude, really? You seriously, like really, kind of need to back off about my name. K?”

Rb: “Right. As I was saying: Procrastination is a worthy foe. If you lose focus procrastination will keep you from reaching your writing goal or any kind of goal.”

PN: “Really? It’s not that serious. Everyone just needs to chiiilllll. Relax, it’s alright to enjoy and have fun. Why rush? Life’s not going anywhere. Like, people are just letting the man really put stuff in their head, making them believe…stuff. You know?”

Rb: “…… But some people have dreams they want to accomplish and goals that will open doors for them. If they procrastinate, some opportunities will be missed. Don’t you have dreams you want to focus on and achieve?”

PN: “Naaah…Well… There’s like this one dream where I get laid by–”

Rb: “Not that kind of dream! I’m talking about a goal you want to reach.”

PN: “Goal? Duuuude, I got this really awesome goal to get high like every day. But since money’s low I only smoke like–”


PN: “Seriously dude, you’re saying it wrong. I’m starting to think, like you’re doing it on purpose.”


Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin.
–Victor Kiam


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