Sipping Tea w/ the Ex-Assassin and the Tyrant Part 4

Demon: “Angel, are you pouting?”

Angel: “…”

Demon: “Ha, ha! This is great.”

Angel: “I get this is just a story, but… I just… can’t believe you.”

Rb: “Well, you can always write about him in the next story.”

Angel: “Revenge is petty… wait… did you say-”

Demon: “Next story!?! Dammit!!”



Reveling in the screams of unadulterated terror and explosions ringing out around her carriage, Queen Angelus smoothed her hands over her red leather corset, licked her lips, and rose from the sweating panting male below her. She straightened her hair, pushing stray tendrils back into place.

Snapping her fingers, her waiting female attendant sprang into action, washing her down, and redressing her.  Her male attendant opened the carriage door and ordered the winded naked male out of the queen’s presence.

“It’s not much further, darling, be patient.” She cooed to the gleaming skeleton shelved high, wedged close to the roof. “Melissias,” She called to her attendant, “you forgot something.”

The carriage slowed as it neared the mountain and began to ascend. The male attendant approached, grabbing the hem of the queen’s dress and pulled the fabric up while the carriage swayed and bumped. Angelus took a dainty curl of Melissias’s hair and played with it absently as the other female slipped the delicate fabric of her panties up her legs.

“Ah, that’s better.” She exhaled satisfied, bent over, and placed a kiss on the female’s lips. “Tonight, you will please me.” She stood up straight and looked at her other attendant whose head was bowed, his bare chest flexed. “As will you.” She touched thick arms marveling at the flawlessness, and then dug her nails into the flesh. He didn’t flinch, but closed his eyes and embraced the mark. Oh, yes, she’d enjoy him later.

“Your highness! Queen Angelus, the Temple priests have closed the gates to the Temple and refuse to open them. They say we can only proceed on foot with no weapons.”

Enraged, the queen slammed the carriage door open. “Then blast the gates apart!”

The prostrating soldiers lined before her like rows of beautiful flowers, wings fluttering in the air. One of them said, “No amount of magic, explosives, or force is effective, my queen.”

Hands on her hips, her wings flapped, flying her over her army.

“You have wings! Use them!”

Without hesitation her military took flight with spears and swords in hand. Over the wall they swarmed in droves. The sight brought a smile to her lips.

Flying higher into the air, she turned to marvel at the smoking, crying survivors writhing in their own misery. “You there,” she called to her rear-captain. “Kill all remaining who don’t swear allegiance to Lord Demonis.”

“Aye, my queen! Soldiers, for the all powerful Demonis!” He rallied the lingering troops to spread out into the valley.

“Yes, yes! For the perfection of Dark.” She inhaled, shuddering with exhilaration. “Melissias! Bring my precious gift!”

The servant came bowed in the carriage door way holding up the offering on a velvet red cushion. There her beloved lay, gleaming in the light of day. Angelus fluttered low, took the cushion under both her hand, and then flew high, high, over the wall.

“My love,” She whispered to the perfectly preserved bone formation. “Today, we will free the world from the chains of Light. And you will be with me the whole time.” She caressed her lover, gently. “Oh, yes, I know. It is glorious isn’t it?”

Sitting on the wall of the gate surrounding the Temple, Queen Angelus admired the carnage of priests’ heads flying. The velvet cushion sat in her lap while she petted her beloved, whispering sweet words of promise.  “After I finished with our Master’s temple, I will build one for you my love.”

The Temple of Light and Dark was a mundane design with no comforts or luxuries, nothing but gray stone for the walls and floor. Unworthy of the Immortal Demonis. Where were the jewels? A change was in order! The smaller buildings on the outskirts, which were probably where the priests slept, would be used for the Temple’s slaves. They would maintain the Temple’s beauty once she finished redesigning everything. At the center, the large sanctuary would display the most magnificent ornate sacrificial altar, where sacrifices would be held daily. Or maybe she should just lay waste to the whole structure and build the Temple of Dark from the ground up. Out in the valley, her kingdom would build the largest most alluring shrine to his Darkness. Yes, her vision was splendid.

“Most honorable and beautiful queen.” A voice called her attention to one of her captains who held an elven head in his hand by the hair. Open mouth, empty dead eyes, and pointy ears dangling in the male’s hand made her giggle. “A tribute: the head of the high priest.”

“Well done!” She clapped her hands. “What did you learn from him before you killed him?”

“Several pilgrims have already ventured into the Blighting Runes toward the Inner Sanctum where the tea maker resides.”

“What!” She jumped from the wall catching her beloved in her hands. Floating down to the ground, she commanded, “Get into those ruins before they touch my tea! If the creatures of Blighting don’t kill those pilgrims my soldiers will, is that clear?”

“As you say, your highness!”

“Let me be clearer, you worthless shits!” She announced magically letting her voice carry over the land and through the surrounding buildings. “Kill anything moving and remove any obstruction in the way! When I proceed into Blighting I better not even clip a wing or I will paint my new temple walls in your blood!” With one hand, she lifted her beloved in the air for all to see. “This I decree!”

“All hail, Queen Angelus!!”






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