The Quiet Critic 1

Demon: “Well?”

Angel: “What do you think about our short story?”

Rb: “Hmmm. It seems you got some positive feedback.”

Demon: “Damn straight! Cause I’m awesome!”

Angel: “Or just cocky. That’s all great Rb, I’m glad there are some people who enjoyed our story, but what did you think.”

Rb: “And because you got such good feedback, I’m adding it to the website permanently with its very own page.”

Demon: “Hell yeah!”

Angel: “Wow! Thank you! But what did you think about it?”

Demon: “Does it matter? It gets its own page! Plus, my part was perfect so Rb wouldn’t have any problems with my scenes.”

Rb: smirks before saying, “Well, I have my own writing to get back to so-”

Demon: “Hold the damn phone! What was wrong with my part?! Cough it up dammit!”

Rb: “You both know I don’t like to critique other people’s art. Artists/writers are sensitive about their work.”

Angel: “Yes, but we’re asking for your opinion.”

Rb: “My writing isn’t perfect so I‘m the last person who should give advice or critiques on-”

Demon: “Cut the bullshit and start talking.”


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