The Quiet Critic 2

Rb: “So you want to know what I thought of your short story?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Demon: “Grrrrrrr, my part was PERFECT!”

Rb: “Uh huh, right. I won’t talk about grammar or syntax ’cause I have problems with that myself. We’ll talk about the editing process when it comes back from an editor.
Overall, the story was good. But I could tell Demon had most of the influence in this story. If not for Angel there would have been little backstory and very little description. Angel, you have to be a bit more assertive and not let Demon have his way so much. Also Demon, when you do a collaboration with another writer it is unethical to pull an okie doke on them and change the story behind their backs to suit your purposes.”

Angel: “THANK YOU!!!”

Demon: “Unethical…? What kind of bullshit… I’m always unethical!! Hellooooo! Do you not see the horns?”

Angel: “I try not to.”

Rb: “The next assignment will have more rules.”

Demon: “More rules!?! Oh for the love of-”

Angel: “What do you mean next assignment?”

Rb: “Wow, look at the time I’ve wasted… Got writing to do. Later!”

Angel & Demon glance at each other…


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