Going Places

Angel: “RB, where are you going?”

Rb: “Nowhere.”

Demon: “Bullshit! You’re packing your bags. Where are you going? I wanna go. TAKE ME!”

Rb: “I’m not going anywhere-”

Demon: “LIAR!”

Angel: “RB, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Rb: *sigh* “Let me be more specific: I’m not going anywhere right now.”

Angel: “Yes, but you are going somewhere soon.”

Rb: “Soon.”

Demon: “When? Where? And why the hell wasn’t I invited?!”

Rb: “You’re too loud and noisy, plus you’d be bored. Anyway, I won’t be gone long.”

Angel: “What about your book? You’re not finished. You said you had to put the finishing touches on it this weekend.”

Rb: “I can do that from my hotel room.”

Demon: “HOTEL!! I wanna go, dammit! Take me! TAKE ME! TAKE ME!!!

Rb: “A tantrum?! Oh, for the love of-”

Angel: “RB, promise to bring me back a souvenir and I’ll hold him back for you.”

Rb: “Stuff a sock in his mouth and you gotta deal.”


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