Quiet Before the Storm

Angel: “Welcome back, RB!”

Demon: “Hmph!”

Rb: “Thanks, Angel. Demon, are you still sulking?”

Demon gives Rb the middle finger.

Rb: “Good to know you haven’t changed. Well I did bring you something, but I’ll just give it to someone who cares.”

Demon snatches the bag.

Rb: “Such a dick. Anyway, have you two done anything to update the blog lately?”

Angel: “Ah, no, we were waiting for you to give us our next assignment.”

Rb: “Do what you want for awhile. I need to finish this book before I give you the next assignment.”

Demon: “Why?”

Angel: “He talks!”

Demon: “Bite me.”

Rb: “The next assignment I give you will be based on my book.”

Angel: “Wow, what an honor.”

Demon: “Ah, shit, I don’t want to. Your book isn’t evil enough for my tastes.”

Rb: “Then you’ll provide support for Angel on this project.”

Demon: “What! Support? I’m too important for support!”

Rb: “Do this, and on the next project you can,” whispers in his ear.

Demon: “Hell Yeah!!!”

Angel: “Though I don’t know what was said, I feel like I should protest.”


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