Procrastination Strikes Again

PN: “Dude, man are you finally finished writing?”

Demon: ” ‘Sup, Procasti Nation. I’m done for now but RB’s said something about us writing another damn story.”

PN: “Lame. Wanna go hang out? I know this like killer bar and stuff. Maybe we can smoke some of my stash-”

Demon: “Hell, yeah!”

Angel: “Wait… What? No! You’re supposed to be helping me update RB’s blog!”

Demon: “Hell no.”

PN: “Yeah, chill. Seriously, he can do…whatever later.”

Angel: “But what about the deal we made with-”

Demon: “Big freakin’ deal. Come on Procrastinate.”

PN: “Dude, how did you like know my nickname?”

Demon: “You told me the last time we got high.”

PN: “Hahaha…Nope, don’t remember.”

Angel: “Demon, I have to say, your choice of friends has gone down the drain. Well have fun, I’ll update RB’s blog without you… maybe some poetry or philosophical essay on the moral imperative.”

PN: “Cool!”

Demon: “Damn that! You’re not getting your goody-goody hands on my adoring fans! Nate, rain check.”

PN: “Bummer.”



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