Family Affair

*First of all, giving credit to where credit is due, thanks goes to Sahm King of The Arkside of Thought for this indirect idea.

Angel: “What is all that noise?” says covering her ears.

Demon: “Procrasti Nation’s siblings are here… in the kitchen it sounds like.”

Angel: “Why? And why are they even here?”

Demon: “Uuuuhhh…”


Demon: “Huh?”

Angel: “We have work to do, Demon, get rid of them.”

Demon: “Hell no. They’re cool. Yo, Procrastinate, bring your siblings and introduce them to Angel.”

Angel: “No, I-”

PN: “Dude, Angel, ‘sup?”

Angel: “Um… Why are there three Procrastinations?”

PN: “Haha! Funny. Nah, these are the Internet twins, my sister Social Media and my brother Techie. And dude, like my name is pronounced Procrasti Nation.”

Angel: “Oh boy.”

SM: “OMG! DYK?” Social Media says with a bluetooth in her ear, “NW! Justin Bieber and the monkey are, like, so yesterday. I’m talking about- LOL! YEAH! WTF!! Did you just see what she posted on Facebook? I am soooo Tweeting this!”

Angel: “How… How can she think with so much going on?”

PN: “Think? Who needs to think? Waste of time.”

Angel: “No, I believe she is wasting time. Isn’t there something productive she could be doing?”

Demon: “Hell, she’s doing it! Do you know how much work goes into staying connected to the pulse of the world? She staying up and current while establishing her social standing! HELLO!?”

PN: “Popularity rocks!”

Demon: “No shit!”

Angel: “… but for what purpose? To further her career? To coordinate with community service efforts-”

SM: “OMG! Eeeewww! Gross! Who wants to, like, help people? Seriously?”

Demon: “Yeah, Angel’s a real holier-than-thou bit-”

PN: “Dude, Angel, you’re so confusing Social Media with Social Networking.”

Angel: “… right…”

Demon: “Cool shades, Techie!”

Techie: “Yeah. Thanks. The newest gadget. My verdict on Google Glass…? Meh, still waiting for holographic interfaces,” says while playing Angry Bird on his iPhone. “Crap, can we go home? WOW has a new update. Gotta download it. Supposed to be meeting the group later to take down some elves. This sucks.”

Angel: “WOW?”

Demon: “World of Warcraft. Video game. MMORPG. The best online source for hours of non-stop game play in my opinion. Though that new Star Wars joint is kinda hot-”

Angel: “So in other words… another waste of time?”

Techie: “Ya’ll are interrupting my tunes,” says while turing up his iPod.

Angel: “He reminds me a little of someone…”

Demon: “RB?”

Angel: “No. Wait… Oh. Yes.”

Demon: “I bet they could be buds.”

PN: “Cool!”

Angel: “No way! RB doesn’t need anymore distractions until she finishes writing that book!”

SM: “OMG! Angel’s like soooo uptight!”

Demon: “Told ya.”

Angel: *groan*



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