Twin Disagreement

Angel: “What are the internet twins arguing about now?”

Demon: “The internet. Social Media claims everything on the internet is true. Techie says otherwise.”

Angel: “Techie’s right, the internet is full of misinformation. You have to go to reputable sources for the facts.”

Demon: “Nah, that’s not his arguement. Listen.”

Techie: “Hackers can get into anything. So don’t trust any of it.”

SM: “OMG! Seriously!? I get the latest celebrity scoop from the internet. It’s all true.”

Demon: “I agree!”

Angel: “Some things on the internet hold truth. Refernce information from well researched sites help RB write some of her stories and books. It helped her through graduate school. There are online libraries and journals that are-”

SM: “Gross!!”

Demon: “And boring as hell.”

Techie: “All of it’s fiction created by the underground. But a good source of entertainment. Loads of movies, music, pics, games-”

Angel: “ebooks.”

Techie: “Lame.”

Demon: “And boring as hell.”

Angel: Throwing up her hands and walking away, “I’m beyond ready for an intellegent conversation.”


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