Impromptu 1

Angel: “Poetry.”

Demon: “No.”

Angel: “Essays.”

Demon: “Boring.”

Angel: “Witty banter.”

Demon: “Doing it.”

Angel: “Honestly! I give up!! I don’t know what we should write about.”

Demon: “Just let me take over.”

Angel: “Absolutely not.”

Demon: “Why not? I’ll adhere to RB’s rules.”

Angel: “When have I ever believed in your lies.”

Demon: “There’s always a first time.”

Angel: “This isn’t it. Oh, what if we write based on prompts. Keep each piece short and sweet.”

Demon: “Huh? What’re you blabbing about?”

Angel: “Writing prompts! You’ve never heard of them?”

Demon: “Nope. RB never mentioned them and the only thing I learned about writing came from RB. Otherwise why would I give a shit?”

Angel: “RB doesn’t mention them because she doesn’t use them. Writing prompts are random phrases, pictures, or ideas that help spark a writers imagination and fuels their writing.”

Demon: “I see why RB doesn’t use them. Her imagination is already too sparked. Damn annoying-”

Angel: “Sooooo what do you think? Should we try it?”


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