Impromptu 2

Demon: “Writing prompts?”

Angel: “Yes.”

Demon: “Give me an example.”

Angel: “Ok… I’ll give you a sentence: The bowl of apples were placed onto the table.”

Demon: “So what?”

Angel: “So now you use the sentence for your writing. Feed off of it. What comes to mind when you think of a bowl of apples?”

Demon: “Fruit.”

Angel: “And?”

Demon: “Food.”

Angel: “Come on, Demon, stretch your mind. Think person, place, thing and time. Make a scene in your mind of the who, what, where, and why?”

Demon: “Fine. Thinking sucks… A stupid bowl of apples placed on a stupid table… Hmmm… could be poisoned… Hoho! A bowl of poisoned apples are placed among a contaminated feast prepared for an unsuspecting family. And the murdering chef would be stabbed with a butcher knife by the person who hired him before cut up into a stew-”

Angel: “Okay that’s enough.”

Demon: “But I’m not finished!”

Angel: “You got the idea. So once you get the prompt, we would write down our ideas in short shorts to-”

Demon: “I was just getting to the good part!!”

Angel: “That’s what I was worried about.”

Demon: “Buzzkill! That’s what you are, a damn buzzkill.”


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