Impromptu 3

Demon: “So do we both use the same prompts?”

Angel: “Yes or we can take turns.”

Demon: “How long are these short stories?”

Angel: “500 words or smaller.”

Demon: “And who will give us these prompts?”

Angel: ” Well, we can give them to each other.”

Demon: “That’s bullshit! HaHaHa!”

Angel: “What’s so funny?”

Demon: “You, if you think we can give each other writing prompts. Your prompts will be stupid, wimpy, or wussy. And you will complain about my prompts because you think they’re too,” says while fingering quotes in the air, “evil.

Angel: “Ugh, then what do you suggest?”

Demon: “We need a neutral party like RB.”

Angel: “We were threatened not to bother RB until after the book is finished.”

Demon: “Okay, how about Procrasti-”

Angel: “No. NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! And none of his useless siblings either! They can’t be considered neutral if they cling to you!”

Demon: “Damn, chill. I got it… Sheesh! How about you find a neutral party then.”

Angel: “Okay, what about-”

…: “Me!”

Demon and Angel look at each other then back.

…: “Hi. Yo. Hola. Aloha, that’s hello and goodbye, haha!”

Angel: “Uuuuuhhhh…”

Demon: “Who the hell are you?!?


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