Impromptu 4

Angel: “Demon, that’s not nice.”

Demon: “Forget nice. Who the hell is this fool?”

…: “Haha! Fool!? Who’s the fool? You’re the fool, Fool. Haha!”

Demon: “What the hell? Did he just call me-”

Angel: “Well to be fair, Demon, you called him fool first.”

Demon: “Don’t take up for him!”

…: “Missy Prissy is right, Fool, you started it. If you can’t take the heat get the hell out the kitchen.”

Angel: “Missy Prissy?”

Demon: “Did you just issue a challenge biyotch?” asks getting up in the stranger’s face.

Angel: “Wait! Wait! Demon, he’s probably just another random personification of RB’s imagination.”

…: “Honey, who you calling random?” he asks snapping his finger.

Angel: “Ummm… You?”

…: “And you’re right! Ding ding ding!!! What does she win, Bob?”

Angel: looks over at Demon, “Bob?”

Demon: shrugs “Beats the hell out of me.”

…: “Not yet, or you wouldn’t still be a demon. Haha!”

Demon: “Ok mother fu-”

Angel: gets between them, “So why exactly are you here… Mister…?”

…: “Just Random Ness but you can call me Randy for short. Get it Randy. Random. Random Ness.”

Angel: “…”

Randy: “I’m your neutral pal. You know! I’m the neutral party you needed for your writing prompts. Neutrality. Taking no sides. Haha! Neither hot or cold, up or down. All shades of gray and a little black and white which makes gray. Haha! I swag the fence, yo. Playing hopscotch on the border of good and evil.”

Angel: “………”

Randy: “Writing is so challenging and therefore you need a good support team. Meet the team. Me. Have I mentioned that you two are awesome swimming in awesomeness topped with awesome sauce! I love you guys.”

Angel: “……………”

Demon: “Oh. Hell. No. Send him packing before I barbeque his ass.”


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