Impromptu 5 [END]

Angel: “Shhhhh, Demon.”

Demon: “Don’t shush me! Shoot him!”

Randy: “Oh, is dee widdle demon whreatened by widdle ole me?”

Angel: “Please don’t egg him own Mr. Random Ness.”

Randy: “Just call me Randy, fairy babe.”

Angel: “Fairy?”

Demon: “See! He just called you a fairy. And Missy Prissy earlier. Stupid names! Are you going to let me kill him or not?”

Angel: “Demon, you know I don’t condone violence.”

Demon: “Then leave for a moment. I’ll make it quick and VERY painful.” Demon says forming a fireball.

Randy: “Help! HELP!! S.O.S!!!

Rb: storming into the room, “DEMON!”

Random Ness runs behinds Rb cowering for his life.

Rb: “How come every time I get into the meat of my writing I get some kind of interruption? Demon, put the fire out. Angel tell me what’s going on?”

Angel: “Yes, well-”

Demon: “Why didn’t you tell us you created Sir Asshole over there. Damn, baby, why are you hiding? You had so much shit to say a moment ago. You’re big and bad, let widdle ole demon cure what ails you.”

Rb: “Randy is all talk. That’s it. Just random information. Stop antagonizing Demon, Randy, because I don’t want blood on my floor unless you plan to clean it up.”

Demon: “There’ll be no blood when I’m done.”

Rb: “Scorch marks are just as bad. Randy, why are you here anyway?”

Randy: “Oscar the Grouch and Fairy Babe needed a neutral party to provide writing prompts. And *puff* I’m here to do just that.”

Angel: “I’m an angel not a fairy.”

Demon: “We don’t want him.”

Rb: “Who else do you have in mind then?”

Demon: “You!”

Rb: “No. Work to do. So it’s settled. Randy-”

Demon: “You’ve got to be shitting me!”

Rb: “You get the job. They’re all yours,” Rb says while walking out the door.

Angel: “Well… Since it’s decided… I guess…”

Demon: “Noooooooooooooooo!!”

Randy: “I won’t let you down, Angel Babe.”

Angel: “It’s Angel. Just plain Angel.”

Demon: “It’s not fair!” He whines, “Why this jackass?”

Randy: “When do I begin?”


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