Blue Puppy

Randy: “I like blue puppies.”

Angel: “Blue puppies?”

Demon: “What is that a new drug? If so I wanna try it.”

Randy: “Blue puppies are so cute and fluffy.”

Angel: “Oh, dear, you might be right, Demon. I think whatever it was, he took it.”

Randy: “Hahaha! I’ve never taken blue puppies. I’ve never seen a blue puppy. But I want a blue puppy. Make me a blue puppy!”

Demon: “Black and blue coming up!” Demon pushes up his sleeves.

Angel: “No, Demon, don’t hit him. I think its our writing prompt.”

Demon: “What kind of shit-”

Angel: “Don’t worry, I’ll write this one.”


Abigail entered the code on the digital console before looking down at Presley who was wagging his fluffy tail feverishly. His tiny body began to change from cotton white to devilish red. The Maltese hopped and barked, rolling around on the floor. “No? No red?” She asked before laughing and entering another code. The puppy paled blue. Sky blue.

Then came the sideways “Why?” head tilt Presley always gave her when he wondered what they were waiting for.

“No walk today, buddy. We’re still under quarantine lockdown. When they lift security, we can leave.” Her hand waved across the console, redecorating the whole interior design of the apartment to match Presley. Reaching another level of boredom, Abigail had redecorated Presley and the apartment’s color scheme five or seven times in three days because some genius in apartment 2B smuggled in a Martian Calico kitten without going through decontam.

Now the apartment building was under the magnifying glass until Hazmat Systems said otherwise. Waving her hand over the console again, the anti-gravity locks released. Her butt lifted from the chair, her hair floated off her shoulder as Presley began barking disapproval.

Laughing, she swam to the windows to stare out at the rest of the space station wondering if Mark was missing her. Right about now the two of them would be sitting together on a bench in the dog park planning an imaginary vacation to the Alpha 5 station.

“Skiing, Presley! I want to go skiing in real snow. Not that simulated stuff.” She grinned back at the little blue ball of fur that paddled in the air trying to walk. She turned back to the window, staring pass the artificial arms of the space station to the dull sight of breathing gases in Saturn’s atmosphere.

She’d been here too long. There were so many places she wanted to go, wanted to see. Places she only heard about in the networks and from other people’s adventures. Maybe one day she’d get to see the oceans of Vadana Prime.

<<QUARANTINE LIFTED. ALL CLEAR>> the electronic voice sounded across all channels of communication.

“Gravity!” Abigail yelled. The blue bolt of energy hit the floor running knowing exactly where they were headed. “Presley, you forgot your leash!”


Randy: “Blue puppy!”

Demon: “At least it wasn’t mushy.”

Angel: “Thank you… I think?”



  1. Hi, I read a load of this yesterday but couldn’t do much as my computer was playing up, I really like the feel of the dialogue, it has a quality that reminds me of the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis but with more humour and ‘grit’ (and please believe that is a hell of a compliment because I LOVED the screwtape letters). This proves to be impressive reading, sir, excellent! Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

    1. Whoa! Thank you! C S Lewis is one of my favorite authors (Chronicles of Narnia) and despite knowing I am not nearly his caliber its humbling to be considered even remotely close to it. You’ve made my day, Baldy. Will now be donning cheeky grin 😀

      1. excellent, always pleased to make someone happy. I am a big fan of mr lewis, i find the man as facinating as his mythology and even though i am not a practicing christian, i find his christian works most entertaining and enlightening. if you’ve not read screwtape letters, i highly reccomend it. you deserve the praise, your angel and demon dialogue was really good, with a subtle humour i hope others will appreciate. as for your cheeky grin, one of my new favorite lines is: do I look smug? i feel smug! keep smiling, regards, baldy 🙂

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