What Makes You So Special?

Randy: “What makes you so special?”

Angel: “Who me?”

Demon: “I think he’s picking a fight Angel. I wouldn’t take that if I were you.”

Randy: “What makes you so special?”

Angel: “Wait… I think he’s talking to you, Demon.”

Demon: “Oh, no the hell he isn’t or I’ll give him special.”

Randy: “That’s the theme! Write it! Ready, set-”

Angel: “I’ll take this prompt.”

Demon: “No, I want it!”

Angel: “I called it first.”

Randy: “Rock, paper, scissors! On three?” Angel and Demon position themselves, “One. Two. Three-”

Demon: “Damn!”

Angel: “Ha! My win…”


What makes him so special? So what if Morgan has more female friends than I. So what if he works out at the gym longer than I do. Big deal. I don’t see why anyone would care about him.

Yeah, he drives a Ferrari. Who cares! I have an Aston Martin. He’s just flashy and likes to show off. Nothing special. Strip away the fancy Hugo Boss and Armani suits, unclasp the Tiffany diamond cufflinks, and take off the alligator Ferragamo shoes and he’s just another man like me.

What makes him think he’s anything worthy of praise? He landed that $15 million dollar account with my help. To announce our success, he buys everyone lunch at this famous Wolfgang Puck restaurant. I would have done that, he just got to it first. I mean, what qualities make everyone swoon around him-

“Hey Morgan! Do that trick you did at the Christmas party!”

What trick? Why is everyone in such an uproar? I was there at that party. He didn’t do anything that great. I didn’t drink so much that I would have missed it. What was so special… Whoa…how…Wow!





Randy: “HE CAN FLY!!! Zoooooooooom!

Demon: “I could’ve done better.”

Angel: “Jealous much?”



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