No. Don’t Sleep.

Randy: “Lack of sleep can be linked to weight problems.”

Angel: “I hope RB is getting enough sleep.”

Demon: “Probably not. You know how RB gets when inspiration hits: common sense right out the damn door.”

Randy: “Chronically not getting enough sleep can lead to a shorter lifespan.”

Angel: “Maybe I should check on RB and make sure she’s going to bed and resting.”

Randy: “Sleep deficiency hampers the ability to learn and retain information.”

Demon: “Yeah, check on RB and make sure she’s not butchering that book while I write something about this shitty sleep writing prompt…”


Running her hands over her knees, Cassie kept her eyes open and fixed to the window over her bed. Back against the door to keep it closed, she trembled nervously. Her body needed rest, sleep.

The window shivered from the blowing wind. The walls creaked and pressed in toward her. Jerking her head left, right, up, and down, she checked all corners and shadows in the room. Her heart labored in her chest, beating at its cage painfully. It was her mind. Her mind! It was playing tricks…

No relaxing! No sleep!

Tears dripped from dry eyes that were forced to remain open. This battle wasn’t going in her favor. If she didn’t find sleep soon, her body would fail, her heart would stop, and trying to stay awake wouldn’t matter.

Just a second. She needed rest to fight. Her body must be ready. If she closed her eyes and rested for a minute… Only a little… She only need… Needed…

The window shattered. The door at her back rattled and cracked. Cassie’s eyes refused to open even as she screamed her arms and legs into action. When her eyes finally opened, what little hope she knew, died.


Randy: “Creepy.”

Angel: “RB’s not going to like this piece. It’s too much like that nightmare… wait… Did you write this one on purpose?”

Demon: “Maybe.”

Angel: “Evil.”



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