Illuminating the Soul

Randy: “Yo, Demon Dog.”

Demon: “What the hell did you just call me?”

Randy: “So tell me about the adorable Angel Babe.”

Demon: “Adorable who?”

Randy: “I know you got a thing for Angel. Who wouldn’t? Don’t play dumb… or maybe you’re not playing.”

Demon: “Look, bitch, if you want your teeth knocked out just say so. And who the hell would have a thing for that stiff, holier-than-though, by-the-book, halo snob.”

Randy: “But she’s so pretty and glowy and sweet and…”

Demon: “Ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth.”

Angel: walks into the room, “Hey, guys, what’s going on?”

Demon: “Our next writing prompt, I hope… before I hang myself.”

Randy: “Begin the story with this sentence: Her eyes were eternal light illuminating the soul.”

Demon: “Angel, you take this one. I’m go to go vomit.”

Angel: “Oh… okay…”


Her eyes were eternal light illuminating the soul.

She spoke softly, pouring cream into the rich dark coffee. “Did you amend the costs?”

I nodded, sliding the estimates across the table. Long thin fingers tucked under the edge of the paper lifting it just enough to read.

While her lips moved slightly, silently reading, I reached for the sugar, pulled three packages from the small white holder, and sat them beside her saucer. She paused, looked over at the offering, and then up at me.

With intelligent soul saving eyes, shining, she asked. “Am I so predictable? Or are you that observant?”

No, I’m that into you. “Maybe a little of both.” I leaned back into my chair, taking in the sight of her.

Her smile dimmed slightly. Those beautiful eyes never left his before her head tilted slightly and she leaned forward to speak, “Mr. Cannon,” Dropping their gaze, she returned to the paper and the subject at hand, “I am starting to think you are getting the estimates wrong for a reason. This would be our third meeting over coffee to discuss something that seems very plain and obvious… at least it should be. And yet, I get another wrong estimate from a man who came highly recommended by many of my associates. So I have to ask-”

I chuckled, knowing well how busted I was. Usually, I prided myself in professionalism. My business was my life, the source of the food on my table and the roof over my head. It healed the wounds of losing my father and my job in the same year ten years ago. It took time to build an honorable reputation.

For this woman and the glorious soul before me, I’d exude honesty and consideration.

“Forgive me. My attraction to you has overwhelmed my better sense. As much as I love my work, I find myself… captivated by you.”

The surprised look on her face dropped my heart into her lap.

“So I will do this,” I took the paper back, scribbled in the correct figures, then represented the contract, “If this meets your approval, please say so. I’ll go back to my office, type it up and send it to you for signing. Once business is concluded between us, do me the honor of,” Marriage… no, too fast. But I was going to marry her, she just didn’t know it. “A date. One date.” I would dazzle her with all I had.

Blinking, her eyes focused on the paper as life returned to her shocked complexion. “Yes.” She nodded slowly.

“Yes, the contract is satisfactory?”

A musical giggle played in the air. “That as well as I would love to go on a date with you.” Shyness, turned her head slightly. This new side of her made me desire her lips.


Demon: “Shit, gonna be sick…”

Randy: “I think it was beautiful, Angel.”

Angel: “Thank you, Randy.”


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