Adversary and Ally

Randy: “Demon, you have to help me!”

Demon: “No the hell I don’t. I don’t even like you.”

Randy: “You know Angel better than I do. You’ve gotta help me woo her.”

Demon: “Woo? Wait-”

Randy: “I know she’s out of my league because she’s so lovely and pure, but you just have to help me!”


Randy: “Nor I you, but enemies can be allies when there is a common goal. Frank Herbert said Enemies make you stronger, allies make you weaker. So set your bias aside only for a pinch chap and-”

Demon: “Okay, Randy. You want my help?”

Randy: “Yes!”

Angel: “Hey, do we have another writing prompt yet?”

Randy: “Yes: two adversaries unite for a common goal!”

Angel: “Demon-”

Demon: “You got this one Angel, me and Randy have business to discuss.”

Angel: “Huh?”

Michael slapped his hand over Jimmy’s mouth before the younger brother could tell on him.

Quickly shushing the boy he whispered in Jimmy’s ear, “If you tell mom, she’ll get mad again. Remember what she said before we left home?”

Jimmy’s eyes bulged. He nodded, remembering that if she had to talk to them one more time today, neither one of them would be getting ice cream. And she would use the scary screaming face.

Jimmy pulled Michael’s hand from over his mouth. “Then don’t call me names,” Jimmy whispered.

“Fine.” Michael shrugged.

As they stepped into the teleporter, their mother looked over her shoulder at them. They both straightened up, painting on innocent masks.

Once they teleported into the grocery store, they followed their mother from the cereal aisle to the dairy aisle like perfect angels. At the ice cream aisle, their mother grabbed two different boxes of ice cream bars: one of Jimmy’s favorite flavor and one of Michael’s.

During checked out while each item was scanned and beamed to their home, Jimmy leaned over and whispered into Michael’s ear, “Dummy.”

Their mother’s head swung around and eyes narrowed. Her personal holographic imaging system transformed and magnified her features to look more grotesque before she thundered in an evil amplified voice, “What was that?”

Fear made them jump. “Nothing,” Both said hugging each other as if they were best friends, knowing as soon as they got home, after the ice cream was served and eaten, the war was back on.


Demon: “So this is what you do…”

Randy: “Oh. Okay. I see…”

Angel: “Uh… I finished… What are you two up to?”


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