Angel Flower

Demon: “Heehee!”

Angel: “Why are you laughing like that?”

Demon: “Wait for it…”

Angel: “For what?”

Demon points to the opening door.

Randy: “Angel Babe!” Randy walks in with a bouquet of roses.

Angel: “Angel. It’s just Angel. Why can’t I see you for the flowers? Oh! Do you have a sweetheart to which you want to give those flowers? Ah, love!”


Angel: “Demon?”

Randy: “They’re for you, Angel, my love.”

Angel: “Um… Oh! This is a writing prompt isn’t it?”

Randy: “No! I even got Demon to write you a love poem.”

Demon: “HOHO! Ready?”

Angel: “Demon, you didn’t…?”

Demon: “Ahem….”


Angel Flower

You got the power

To melt my heart

And sanitize my fart

You are my queen

So squeaky clean

My lady luck

Who I want to-


Angel: “Demon!

Demon: “Buuwaahahahaha!

Randy: “Hmmm, maybe  I should have written it…”

Angel: *sign*

Randy: “Please, Angel, take these as a gesture of my love,” says holding out the roses.

Angel: “Oh, dear… Randy, forgive my rudeness, while I do love you, it is not as you may want. My love is a caring that is unconditional and unbiased… I love you like a sister loves her brother or like a mother loves her child. I know no other love. I hope you understand-”

Randy burst into tears.

Angel: “Oh, no! No, Randy don’t cry.”

Demon: “Hahahahahahaha!! Hooooheeheehee-”

Angel: she turns on Demon, “You! You did this, knowing! You foul, evil, vile, smudge on this Earth, I’ll-”

Demon: “Oops! Gotta go!”



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